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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> hey,let get ready for rain. real rain on the way right now. it has been a while. meteorologist paul deanno tracking the storm. paul, we have not had a storm like this in weeks. >> there's a lot of irony in the fact we have not seen a drop of rain officially in san francisco for 42 consecutive days. but tonight, we are talking about flooding. a flood watch has been issued for the north bay. marin, napa, sonoma, lake, mendocino counties. there could be up to six inches of rain on the ground friday night. winds, 20 to 40 miles an hour with highest gusts. where is the storm now? it is pulling off the north and pulmoing away from us but it is dragging that tail, the pineapple express. it is an atmospheric river that will be parked over us in short
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order. not tomorrow, clouds, yes, rain no. the latest forecast calls for the rain to stay north of santa rosa this time tomorrow night and it will not cross the golden gate until friday morning. so tomorrow north bay, there will be heavy rainfall. friday, lit be very wet, very windy. pretty impressive rainfall totals, we will talk about that coming up later in the show. >> how badly do we need the rain? the photo of the left is last year, this year on the right. definitely a lot greener, but not a lot of snow. you can get the latest forecast for your neighborhood any time on your smartphone. download the cbssf bay weather app. a california pediatrician turned politician says enough. he wants to force more parents to vaccinate their kids. mark kelly tells us all this is one part of the bay area has become a national punch line.
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>> reporter: when jon stewart poked fun at the antivaccine crowd, marin county was his target. >> it is a thoughtful group of people and the parents are choosing not to vaccinate, it is probably for a reason. >> hmm, this is marin county. they are not red necks. they are not ignorant. they practice a mindful stupidity. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but the growing number of measles cases, 99 in california, no joke. and many blaming the state's vaccine exemption law. >> hopefully, we don't have to wait for someone to die before we take this seriously. >> reporter: state senator pan, also a doctor wants to make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids by scrapping one of the state's exemptions. >> we are abolishing the person belief exemption. >> reporter: but that is not going over well with every mom.
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cindy polombo is skeptical. >> my son had an allergic reaction to one of the meningitis vaccines. >> you have a group of people saying they are willing to let other people die in order to spare their children. >> reporter: if the state gets rid of the personal belief exemption, that leads only medical and religious reasons. many will debate the law, but no debating, it could get jon stewart off our backs. >> you can blame it on science denying affluent california liberals. [ laughter ] >> reporter: governor brown talking like he will support this bill. he appeared open to legislation that does away with all exemptions except the medical ones. >> 19 other states allow parents to refuse vaccinations on personal beliefs. 48 states have a separate religious exemption. and to check to see how many children are not vaccinated at your child's school, go to
11:04 pm do you have blue cross or blue shield insurance? if so, get ready. anthem says hackers hacked into personal information for tens of millions of members. they had access to names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, you name it. but medical and financial information appears to be safe. anthem is in the process of notifying its members. break-in at tiffany's. three gunmen stormed the store in san francisco's west field mall. cate caugurian on how they pulled it off. >> reporter: it was 3:00 in the afternoon. the westfield mall full of shoppers as usual. in the middle of the mall. >> in the middle of the mall where there is a lot of people. how is that possible? >> reporter: security camera as all around. but three armed suspects were able to get away with jewelry.
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>> it happened so quickly, they didn't see the suspects go in and out or the store. >> reporter: police say the suspects told every in the store to get down and forced an employee to open up some jewelry cases. one of those employees inside was john sear's daughter. >> i got one text saying we have been robbed. if you hear anything, i'm okay. >> reporter: he came to check on her, but the doors were shut as the investigators did their work. his daughter as well as everyone inside at the time was not hurt. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. sound familiar? yeah. it isn't the only high-end retail heist in the bay area. in november, burglars busted through this boutique in union square and made off with a quarter of a million dollars in handbags. tonight, san francisco police are keeping a close eye on amanda they arrested for cutting up a body and stuffing it in a suitcase though they released him. the da says there was not enough evidence to charge 54- year-old mark andrus so he walk out of jail.
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there is no crime scene, no weapon, and no id on the dismembered body. the family of andrus's former roommate thinks it could be him. investigators are conducting dna tests. a stunning confession from the man accused of killing two california sheriffs deputies. luis brocamonte said i'm ready. i'm guilty, execute me when you are ready. he is accused of killing deputy daniel oliver and placer officer davis. three hours, that is all it took a jury to convict a san francisco man for running the criminal version of ebay. ross albruck was responsible for the silk road. he is due back in federal court
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in new york for sentencing in may. he could get life in prison. tonight, we are learning the fbi went to some great lengths to catch him at the glen park library in san francisco in 2013. agents used a loud diversion so they could grab his laptop before he could dry any evidence. and he was logged in. and on the site when they caught him. tonight, the end is near for candlestick. crews are tearing up the seats this week. that is the huge pile on the field where the 49ers and giants used to play. once they are done, the heavy duty equipment will roll in. demolition should start next week on the upper deck. in three months, more than 50 years of memories will be reduced to rubble. >> we are losing our team, losing a lot of fan base. and we are just losing things that have been in place for a listening time. so it is sad. >> a housing development will go where the stick once stood. a sign of the times in
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berkeley tonight. or more like a sign stuck in time. christin ayers on why the state won't let one movie theater change its marquee. >> reporter: this movie theater has been here in berkeley for a century. its owners say for years, workers have manually changed the movie titles on the marquee until now. look closely. you might not notice it at first, but there is something wrong on the elmwood's movie marquee. most of the movies advertised are no longer in theaters. turns out, no one has changed the marquee since december. all because of a safety issue. a cal osha worker noticed a worker changing the sign and they got a letter alleging a safety violation because the worker was over seven-and-a- half feet off the ground without fall protection. >> you know if someone slipped and hit their head, that would be super unfortunate.
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>> sounds like a valid safety precaution. >> reporter: the theater said they are working on a solution. >> i appreciate the concern. um ... but it seem like the answer wouldn't be overly complicated. >> reporter: no word on how soon they will fix the problem. the theater, one of the first to play the interview in december couldn't even advertise that on their marquee. patrons say it is okay. current or not, the marquee is really the main attraction anyway. >> though this may be 90, 100 years old, it is a wonderful design in a retro format. so i love it. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. >> they plan to bring in a bucket truck to remove the movie titles and put a generic movie slogan. men and area dressed in fatigues raising money for veterans. only on kpix5 tonight, what we discovered when we started asking questions. >> the pilot yelled may day. then this happened.
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tonight, watch as a two-year- old boy is pulled from the wreckage unharmed. >> would you pay an extra dollar a week to not drive on roads like this?
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>> well tonight, we know the pilot of that plane that crashed in taiwan put out a may day call. at least 31 people on the flight are dead. a dozen more are still missing. but, there are also remarkable stories of survival. a driver caught the moment on camera when the transasia flight came barreling out of the sky toward a taipei
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freeway. the passenger plane clipped the side of a taxi and it appears only one of the propellers is spinning as the jet hits the edge of the bridge and summer assaults into the river below. unbelievably, some passengers survived clinging to the side of the fuselage. this two-year-old boy was pulled from the wreckage with barely a scratch. rescuers carried him out of the water to safety. the plane was only two minutes into the flight before a distress call came. the passenger plane barely missed buildings before hitting that taxi. remarkably, those inside the cab also survived. late today, the plane was hoisted out of the shallow river. this was the second fatal crash for the airline in less than seven months. in july, the same type of aircraft crashed killing 48 people as it tried to land in
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bad weather. engine flame-out suggests there was some sort of fire in the engine but the pilot was able to shut it down. the cause can be anything from a lack of fuel to getting struck by a bird: you may have seen them outside the grocery store. men and women raising money for disabled veterans. betty yu wondered what the money was really being spent on. >> this is for the homeless veterans and disabled veterans. >> reporter: an american flag and an ammo box are their trademarks. they do brisk business outside this walgreens. and at a whole foods in palo alto. they look like veterans, but ... >> are you a veteran? >> no. >> reporter: still, this man who told us he was a manager assured it us is all legit. >> we have a tax id number. >> reporter: the charity is called the national paradigm foundation. their office address is here in vallejo. all of the windows are covered
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up, no one answers the phone here and people across the hall never see anyone around. the ceo spends most of his time at an office in richmond where he runs at charity. >> reporter: how many veterans have you helped? >> about 45. >> reporter: over how many years? >> about three years. >> reporter: he told us his charity provides food, clothings, and referrals. >> what we do is find out in the area who is doing what. and then we actually send them to those resources. >> reporter: actually, physically driving them there? >> no, we don't drive. no. we don't drive there. we just point them to that organization. >> reporter: he told us he is not taking in nearly as much money as people think. >> yesterday, $28 between three people. >> reporter: your 2011 irs filing says your annual revenue is $296,000 for the national paradigm foundation.
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>> you men the suggested revenue? >> reporter: correct. >> that is not our revenue. >> reporter: how did you fall so short? >> we thought that we would start getting grants. the grants didn't pan out. >> reporter: neither did the charity's paperwork with the states. after three years of warning letters that appropriate tax forms have not been filed, the national paradigm's foundation status is delinquent. >> reporter: according to the letter you are now suspended. >> now suspended? >> reporter: yes. >> i need to talk to my cpa. >> reporter: we showed our video to michael blecker, a veteran who has been running a nonprofit for 40 years. >> they have the american flag, the symbols and they are hurting. it makes people feel like
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everybody is ripping them off. >> reporter: people are skeptical. they see your guys out there, how can you guarantee that their money is going to a legitimate cause? what evidence do you have? >> what evidence do i have? um ... i really don't have any evidence. >> reporter: hancock later told us the state made a mistake. he has filed and he produced a document. well, we checked with the state. they say they never got it. by the way, he also told us, he is an excon who went to prison for cocaine sales several years ago and that makes him better relate to the clientele he is serving and the experience makes him more compassionate. >> huh. well, you know, there are a lot of reputable veteran organizations out there that do a lot of good work. sounds like the best way to discipher which one is bet sore do what you did. >> reporter: ask questions.
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that is what we did. we spoke to the solicitors and that is how we found out the answer. this is not legit. >> all right. thanks betty. all right, would you be willing to pay an extra dollar a week to fix our rugs? well, we may be the high-tech capital of the world, but we have plenty of low tech potholes out there. tonight, the assembly speaker wants to fix crumbling roads, bridges, freeways. she wants california drivers to pay an extra $52 a year for that. the proposed fee could be tacked onto insurance plans and car registrations. lots of people are weighing in on our kpix5 facebook page. tonight, with a resounding no. some say that is what the gas tax is for. steven from san leandro says why don't we take it from the bloated salaries and padded expense accounts of the politicians? well tonight, we learned a pit
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bull that attacked and killed a puppy was about to be put up for adoption. it happened over the weekend in shadow cliffs parks. the dog was being walked on a leash. the woman walking the pit bull try today get control of it. he bit her, too. she is recovering tonight. starving sea lion pups are washing up all along the coast tonight and scientists don't know why. there were more than 250 stranded pups last month alone. that is the highest total in ten years. the marine mammal center is caring for many of them in marin. some of them are learning to eat fish for the first time. others are being force fed. >> they should be nursing. they are emaciated. >> tonight, the center is strucking to handle the sudden surge. they are getting ten baby sea lions a day. we have weather coming in. and we haven't seen a storm like this in 2015. >> it has been a while.
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we haven't seen a drop of rain. this will be such a nice sight to see the rainfall coming down. for some of you, maybe too much too quickly. but that seems to be the cards mother nature is dealing out. it is either a ton of rainfall or nonat all. soon it will be a ton. the golden gate, we are mostly clear. we will be cloudy. i don't think the rain will cross the golden gait until sunrise friday morning. the rain is beginning to build off the northern california coastline. as that happens, we will begin to see the rain get closer to us tomorrow. but it will likely not be until friday that we have flooding concerns anded wed willed. in the north bay, a flash flood watch is in effect. sonoma, napa, lake, marin counties, you will receive several inches of rain. you will go from nothing to a lot of rainfall in short order. micro climate forecast takes you to san leandro. cloudy, 63 degrees, wet, windy weather begins to move in for you on friday with a high of
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66. what is happening? the ridge of high pressure parked over us for the entire year, we can say that because it is accurate has moved on. it is sitting over southern nevada and western arizona. all the moisture out there, well, it will now hit the ridge, go up and over the ridge. that means it is parked over the top of the bay area. heaviest rainfall and the longest duration of it will by far be north of the golden gate. up toward ukiah. cloverdale. you will see flooding rainfall for this. and your rainfall totals will be eight times greater than some folks watching in the south bay. this the south bay, that helped but it is not a ton. in the north bay, though, four to eight inches of rain. and the mountains could get more. if you are watching us in san francisco, two to three inches of rain by monday morning. it starts in the north bay tomorrow, but far north bay. most of us stay dry. the rain will spread south on
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friday. if you are making plans over the week, do them saturday. because sunday, we have another round of soaking rain. tomorrow, we are cloudy in concord. 65. san jose, 66. san rafael, 60. extended forecast, wet windy weather on friday. a little bit of a break saturday. maybe a peek of sunshine. another round of steady rainfall coming up sunday before the rain finally moves out monday. so it is friday and sunday, the really wet days. north bay from nothing to flooding. >> wow. yeah. got to be really careful. but we need it. >> we need every drop. >> yep. >> thanks paul. don't let this happen to you. the california guy who is being shamed around the our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily available,
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>> where is your cell phone right now? is it in your hand? your wallet? your pocket? >> well get away from it for just a minute. you don't want to do what this guy did. we are pushing in kind of close here. you can't see all of it. he buries himself in his phone, just feet from his sailboat, there is a massive beautiful
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hump back whale we would like to spot you. the photographer spotted the whole thing and snapped the photo. the guy never sees the whale go by his boat. okay, it has now gone viral. >> through the course of five or six shots he never moved and the whale was so close to the boat ... i was like, you must, you must put the phone down and look. i can't believe he didn't look at the whale. >> there it was. the photographer acknowledges the guy may have been working on something important. or ... playing a video game. who knows? what does phil think about tiger's collapse? and can they come down on
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bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> as great as steph curry has been, he has never scored over 40 points at home. curry and klay got their all- star jerseys before lacing up against the mavericks. dallas took a 22-point lead. but then, the warriors out scored them by 13 in the second quarter. splash brothers took over.
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thompson gave golden state the league. mark cuban a headache. curry, 26 in the third quarter tonight. made six from deep in the border. ten in the game. three off the nba record. curry is hitting 48 points with the game in hand. bottom of the net for 51. three points off his career high. warriors win 128-114. their biggest comeback of the season. today was national signing day where high school players committed to college. here is kpix5's annual coverage of cal and stanford's recruiting day. in case you cared, stanford had the 18th best class in the country. cal, 29th. bret burns wishing that burns not do any more pregame interviews. first goal of the season.
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three unanswered and they win 3- 1. the sharks lose in five games. tiger woods, 82 was the worst round of his career last weekend. due in large part to his chipping. phil mickelson shield your horses. >> tight sore going to have the last laugh. i don't see this lasting more than a week or two. >> tyreke evans got it around. they called him eblaca. number three, this is his mom on his son's skateboard. okay? okay mom. all right mom. oh! oh! have a nice trip, see you next fall. oh. that doesn't look like a hockey player. that is derek jeter's new girlfriend. pga in australia. can somebody tell me mow this
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happened? richard green. no trickery. there was nobody in that trap. >> a gopher. >> that was absolutely incredible. it look like it may have hit a sprinkler head to bounce out and go in the hole. that was legit. no trickery there. >> go back to number two. [ laughter ] >> no ... >> we will have number two once again on the other side of the commercial break. >> we'll be
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>> david letterman is next with ryan reynolds. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from an undisclosed location, it's "the late show" with david tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, your mid-atlantic double deck pinochle champion, david letterman! captioning spnsored by


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